Explore industrial clusters and partners

Industrial clusters are geographical concentrations of firms and other actors working in related spheres of economic activity, such as Sectoral Industries and Industrial Ecosystems.

Cluster actor data is complemented by statistical data from official sources reflecting the specialisation and value added productivity of various economic activities across European regions, and data reflecting cluster policies in different countries.

By Industry

Cluster by Industry

Clusters related to a specific economic activity

Map and filter cluster actors within 6 different classifications (Sectoral & Ecosystem results) or explore statistics that reflect its distribution over EU27 regions.

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Cluster by policy

Clusters located within a specific EU27 region

You can focus on one of 201 regions from across all EU27 countries or explore statistics that reflect its distribution over Industrial Sectors & Ecosystems.

By Cluster Actor

Cluster by actor

All clusters according to 9 types of cluster actors

Filter on categories, see cluster actor details or find links between the different actors. From organisations and members, to partnerships, networks and more.

By Policy

Cluster by policy

View or download the detailed analysis of the policy report for different countries or territories.

There you find:

  • Cluster policy maturity index
  • Detailed report on cluster policies